Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back to School Night

You’ve met your child’s teachers, you’ve hung a dozen projects on the fridge, and your child is happy and enjoys going to preschool. So, what can you get out of Back to School Night? Quite a lot.

This is your chance to hear from your child’s teachers, first-hand, about what their goals are for the year. In our class, we are very specific in demonstrating the skills we are teaching the children. For example, we actually show them one of our science experiments, and point out how graphing in a three year old program is an important pre-math skill. We explain why we do the projects we do, and the skills each project is designed to help develop. For example, the day the children ripped paper strips to glue onto an apple shape, they were actually working to develop their fine motor skills. Ripping is a precursor to cutting with a scissor.

Of course, the most enjoyable part of the evening is the slide show, when you can actually see your child in action. Is he smiling? Is he eager to get his hands dirty? Is he playing alone in every picture, or he is enjoying being involved in small groups? Does he look happy?

While this isn’t a night to talk specifically about your child, it is the chance to get a broad view of what goes on in the classroom. Teachers are eager to have the opportunity to meet you, as well. We are professionals who take our jobs seriously, and we want you to know that we will give your children our very best.

We appreciate when you take the time to demonstrate the importance of your children’s education. We understand that getting babysitters isn’t easy, and we appreciate that you make the effort to come to Back to School Night. I am always disappointed when a parent chooses not to come, because I feel that they miss out on a valuable experience.

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