Thursday, April 22, 2010

Encourage the Three R’s Through Fun

During the summer, nobody wants to be tied to reading lists or worksheets. Yet, we need to keep our kids’ minds sharp. Consider these easy, relaxing tips in your everyday life.

• Let your children read things other than books, including comic strips, cereal boxes, and magazines.
• Choose library books based on your child’s interests.
• Be sure kids are reading at their appropriate reading level so they don’t get frustrated.
• Have them write letters, or e-mails, to Grandma or another relative or friend, sharing some of their summer experiences.
• Let the kids write out the week’s shopping list for the grocery store.
• Encourage them to keep a private journal where they can write about whatever they want.
• Let your kids help you cook and bake, allowing them to read the recipe and do the measuring.
• Have the kids count out money at the store, and figure out what the change will be.
• Give them a budget and let them do the shopping.

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