Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Great Family Trip Ideas - Baltimore

Looking for a great two-day family getaway? Check out Baltimore, Maryland, a vibrant city known for its historic harbor and white marble steps., and the place where I was born and raised!

*Fort McHenry – Visit the brick fort that inspired Francis Scott Key to pen the Star Spangled Banner.

*Take a walk down memory lane from the late 1700s to present day at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum where pop culture comes to life for children of all ages. Revisit favorite characters from Spiderman to Barbie as they evolved from the familiar icons of yesterday to the heroes of today.

*Marble Steps – See Baltimore’s trademark rowhouses with white marble steps during a leisurely stroll through the charming neighborhoods in Fell’s Point, Federal Hill and Patterson Park.

*The National Aquarium in Baltimore features stunning exhibits and more than 11,000 aquatic animals. Check out the lauded new addition–4D Immersion Theatre.

*Seadog III – A New Find!! Experience the thrill and excitement of speedboat tours at the Inner Harbor. Sightseeing and speedboat tours leave from the Inner Harbor, past Fort McHenry and out to the Key Bridge and back.

I’ll have other city ideas over the next few days.

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