Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Family Fun - Field trips

The kids are out of school and for most families, that means lots of free time. While that might seem overwhelming, I urge parents to use that time wisely and appreciate the opportunities that this free time offers.

There are so many places right in your own backyard that provide learning experiences that are fun for every age. Whether you visit the library, a local museum, park, or playground, take the time to enjoy your kids in different settings. Encourage conversation about the excursion. For starters, you will be teaching your children important life skills, such as observation, decision making, and how to carry on a conversation. But, you will also have the chance to learn about their areas of interest and what makes them tick, while giving them a stress-free chance to let loose and have fun.

The more kids are used to talking to their parents naturally about many topics of conversation, the more comfortable they will be talking about more difficult subjects as they arise. If you and your child have had many chances to share your thoughts and opinions, it will be much easier for her to come to you when she has a problem.

Also take advantage of good weather to enjoy physical activity with your children. If they see you are active and enjoy it, they will learn that from you. Ride bikes together (please don’t forget the helmets – if you don’t wear one, why should they?) Take walks, play badminton, enjoy a hike. Find something active to do with your kids.

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