Monday, November 2, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes

I teach three year olds because I think they are incredibly funny and interesting people. They learn new things every day, and they view the world through their limited perspective.

We go out on the playground every day we can, but sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. On those days, we take the students into a large indoor gym, equipped with toys they can ride, exercise mats, tunnels to climb through and large connectable puzzle blocks. The children still have the opportunity to run around and blow off steam in the gym, even though they are indoors.

After spending time in the gym, one of the teachers called her class to line up to go back to the classroom. She noticed one little girl taking her shoes off.

“Why are you taking your shoes off?” asked the teacher.

“Cause I have sand in my shoes!” replied the toddler.

This child was used to playing in the sandbox on the playground, which caused her to need to dump the sand from her shoes before she came back inside. A creature of habit, she didn’t realize that there is no sand in an indoor gym!

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