Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting the Most out of Sick Days

When our child gets sick, it’s a problem on many levels. First and foremost, we hate to see our son or daughter suffer. Beyond that, there are the practical issues of taking care of him. Can we take a day off work? Can a grandparent of babysitter fill in? Will his siblings catch the illness? Will I?

You have to answer all of those questions and the logistics can be a nightmare. But, there’s another to side to sick days. If you are able to spend the day home with your child, think of all the positives that can come out of that. Most sick kids love to curl up in mommy’s lap. As your child gets older, he will be willing to do that less often. There’s no greater feeling than him needing you and wanting to snuggle with you.

Once the medicine has kicked in and he’s feeling up to doing something, it’s a great opportunity to play games, watch a favorite video together, or just find a way to connect. Talking as you color side by side is a wonderful opportunity to find out what he’s thinking, how school is going, what is happening in his life. (And, coloring as an adult is awesome…try it sometime!)

Work will wait until you return but your ability to care for your child won’t come again so soon. When you do get back to work, you will appreciate it that much more.

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