Friday, January 8, 2010

Mom’s Clubs are Great for Mothers and Tots

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with moms at the Mom’s Club in Voorhees, NJ. These women get together once a month to chat with each other and watch their children interacting with one another. They share problems, questions, solutions and the trials and tribulations of being a mom at every stage of development.

These women also meet on other occasions to enjoy a girl’s night out at the movies, a shopping spree, or other events without the kids. Coming from different places, backgrounds, and walks of life, they bond over motherhood.

It was great fun to see how the children enjoyed each other. At varying ages, the older toddlers took great interest in the babies, and visa versa. They sent cars flying across the floor to other kids, built block towers, colored, and enjoyed using their imaginations. They rarely even acknowledged their own mothers with so much stimulation around them.

It is often scary and confusing to encounter something with your child for the first time. Whether it’s as simple as questions relating to breast or bottle feeding, or more serious, such as wondering if your child is reaching an appropriate milestone, having a network of people to talk to is invaluable.

Check to see if there’s a parenting group in your town. If not, it is easy to start one. Inquire at your local library or go on-line. The friendships you make will help you navigate the uncharted territory of motherhood, and your kids will enjoy their new friends.

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