Friday, July 31, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes: Kids Say the Funniest Things

Why are kids so funny all the time? I think it comes with a limited perspective about life. People constantly ask me why I teach pre-school. I spend a lot of my time as a freelance writer, so the combination seems incongruous. I do it because it is so much fun. Every single day, one of the kids says or does something that is hysterical. We laugh a lot in our classroom. Watching kids walk in the door in September with tears in their eyes because they’re scared to leave their mothers, and walk out in June singing a silly song or telling a joke, makes my heart sing.

For example, take the story of Sarah. During the summer camp program, the little girl began searching for something around the classroom. She looked in every child’s cubby, and even on the toy shelves.
“What are you looking for, Sarah?” we asked her.
“Tuesday,” she responded.
“Tuesday? What do you mean you’re looking for Tuesday?”
“My Tuesday underpants,” she replied. “Mommy says this is really screwing up our week.”

I could give you a story for every day of the week! So enjoy the wonderful things your kids say.....if possible, jot them down. When they grow into teenagers, you can pull out your notes and reminisce about the adorable tots they once were!

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