Sunday, July 19, 2009

Make a Regular Date Night with your Spouse

Babysitters can cost a fortune, and finding a steady night each week to escape with your spouse is tough. But, it's vitally important to find a way to make it work. The time alone that you and your spouse spend is invaluable. It allows you to connect in a calm atmosphere where you can actually enjoy uninterupted conversation. It also demonstrates to your kids that you value your adult relationship and make it a point to carve time out to be alone together.

I encourage parents to begin doing this when their children are infants. It sets a standard that the child gets used to without questioning. If you wait until your child is old enough to question why you're leaving her, it will make the separation much more difficult for all of you.

Since babysitters and entertainment out can be expensive, there are ways to get away without breaking the bank. Relatives are always great babysitters if you're lucky enough to have ones available. If not, start a co-op with close friends and neighbors who you trust. You take care of their kids on Friday night, if they'll take care of yours on Sunday.

Many restaurants have off hour or early bird specials. Take advantage of these, as well as coupons. Take a hike in the woods, or visit a park and grab an ice cream cone after. What you do together doesn't matter, as long as it's something you both enjoy. It will give you the time to keep your relationship fresh and prove to your spouse that you value him/her and enjoy time alone. It also gets your child used to spending time without you, even for just one night a week.

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